Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting you caught up!

I know, its been a while... so I'm going to fill you all in with collections and products that will be coming soon!

The OMG Collection. (Due for release by 8/17)

This collection was inspires by the Percy Jackson books.  I read them all and loved them.  I tried to base the colors off of different characteristics of each God or Goddess or what they represent.

Brow Powders.  (Testing stage)
I love using powder to fill in my brows, so last year I got out some ingredients and went to town.  I've been using the same formulation on myself for about a year and I personally love it.  My brows stay on pretty much throughout the whole day!

Blushes.  (Testing stage)
I have always been afraid of blush.  I think that is mostly due to my mothers love of bright pink/red cheeks in the 90's!  I started seeing people wearing blush, and I noticed that it wasn't always caked on and super out there, so I slowly started using blushes.  Now I use blush everyday.  The first product I ever formulated was blush!  I went crazy and made tons!  But then I decided I didn't like the formulations, so I've reformulated them about 4 times since then.

Matte eye shadows.  (Testing stage)
I've never been a huge matte shadow user, but I know there are a lot of people who LOVE matte shadows... so these are for you!  I've created a few basic shades to test the formulation.  If all goes well, you can expect a lot more!!

Future Collections.  (In development)

Fall 2012 Collection
Right now I am working on finishing up the Fall 2012 collection. I'm keeping it small since OMG's is rather large.  Plus I have a feeling the Holiday 2012 collection(s) will be on the large side as well.  It seems to early to be working on a holiday collection... but yes, its been started!

That is it for now, folk!  I will try and be more diligent about updating this blog here and informing you of all our exciting news!